Todd's 'Nice Decade' Lyrics

This is a collection of 160 songs on 7 CD's put out by Rhino.  The songs are all from the 1970's (my teenage years) and sort of alternate between 'Cool!' and 'Oh my god, I forgot how bad that one was!'  These are all linked to text files generated by my database.  A few are instrumental, and are noted as such when you get there.  There's a dozen or so lyrics I'm still looking for or haven't gotten around to transcribing yet; the lyric section is blank.

I'm transitioning to a txt file format for the lyrics.  The underlying database sometimes has other info in the lyrics field, as I spot it, I'll clean it up; the RDB geeks among you (you know who you are) will recognize the evolution of 'dirty data'.  If you want it all at once, you can get a zip file.

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