System Requirements
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
  • Parallel Graphics' Cortona VRML browser (Installed automatically when you play the game for the first time).
Selecting Game Objective
Your final objective is always to exit the maze in the South-East corner. You may also select other game objectives by checking the game objective boxes.
  • Get the key
    If this is selected, you must find the key before you can open the door to exit the maze. The key is located in the center of the maze. To pick up the key, click on it with your mouse.

  • Pick up gold
    With this option, gold bars are distributed randomly throughout the maze. Try to collect the gold bars before you exit.

  • Evade the robots
    This adds an element of danger to the game. Three robots patrol the maze and you must try to avoid being captured by these robots.
Setting Maze Dimensions
Adjust the size of the maze by changing the width and height parameters. Drag the slider to the left or right to change the setting.

Selecting Maze Style
Several predefined styles are available, or you may try to customize the style. Select the style you want from the drop down box.

You may use the "Preview Map" button to view a map of the maze with your settings.

Use transporters to jump instantly from one location to another. To use the transporter, step onto it - you will be transported to a new location. To go back, step off then back onto the transporter.

Note that using the transporters can be disorienting. Check the map and compass to get your bearings.

Three robots patrol the maze, following pre-assigned routes. If you are captured, it's game over. Your proximity detector (the red light above the map) alerts you when robots are near. You can also see the robots displayed as black squares on the map when they are walking through territory that you have already explored. Try to maintain a safe distance at all times.

Exiting the maze
Your final objective is to escape the maze by exiting through the door in the south-east corner of the maze. To open the door, click on the doorknob with your mouse.

After your escape from the maze, you can view the maze from above by riding the "rotor", which circles slowly around the maze. No further navigation is necessary. Just sit back and enjoy the view.

  • Position Indicator
    Located in the top left of your screen, this gives your current location in the maze.

  • Compass
    This shows the direction that you are facing as points on a compass. For example, if the center of the compass shows "N" you are facing north.

  • Heading Indicator
    This shows your direction in degrees.

  • Robot Detector
    The red light indicates the distance to the nearest robot, and glows brighter as the distance decreases. It does not necessarily mean that the robot is close to capturing you; it could be on the other side of a long wall. You should pay close attention to this indicator when venturing into unexplored territory.

  • Gold Detector
    The yellow light indicates the distance to the nearest gold bar. This is only available if you choose the "Pick up gold" game option, and is used for locating gold. A low number indicates that gold is nearby, perhaps just around the corner.

  • Score
    This displays the number of gold bars collected, total number of gold bars in the maze, and a percentage to indicate how much gold you have collected.

  • Map
    The white area displays a map of the maze as you explore. Your position is indicated by the red square. If there are robots, their positions are indicated by black squares when they are in visible territory.

  • Messages
    Instructions are displayed below the map to remind you of game objectives.
Setting up Cortona VRML browser controls.
You may need to adjust Cortona's default settings.

Open this test page and adjust the settings as follow:

Right-click to display the menu and select Preferences. Then click the Navigation tab. Set the following options:
  • Travel speed
    "Faster" is the best, but any setting is ok.

  • Animate viewpoints
    Choose "Auto" or "Never".

  • Collision detection
    Set to "Always". Make sure that you cannot walk through the box.